Google Local SEO News and Patents

Google Local SEO News and Patents

Google is now allowing people to save and socially share their favorite places
within lists… about frigg’n time! Also Yelp announced a new feature to allow
people to ask questions of a certain location. One problem I see is that
anyone can answer… meaning reputation issues potentially abound here. They
take a look into The Mueller Files as well.

1st in SEO taken down by Tucker Carlson Fox News

1st in SEO taken down by Tucker Carlson Fox News

Mathew Blanchfield says in a blog post two days after the election. “If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st in SEO and we ask you to leave our firm … 1st in SEO will do everything in our power to ensure that we break ties with any person or business that supports fascism.”

We was on Fox News Tucker Carlson on 11-23-2016

Legal Aid lawyers in fight to save justice

Legal Aid lawyers in fight to save justice

My report from the demonstration at Westminster today, in which solicitors and barristers from across England & Wales rallied in support of the #saveukjustice campaign against Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling’s proposals for Legal Aid reform.

Check out my other video blogs including John Cooper’s piece on the same subject (currently a Total Politics exclusive Follow me on twitter @edstradling.

Common divorce myths exploded

Common divorce myths exploded
Divorce solicitors from Woolley & Co, family law specialists, explode some of the common myths around divorce and separation.

Find out:
– when you can and can’t use adultery as a ground for divorce
– all about the myth of quickie celebrity divorces
– why child maintenance and custody are irrelevant today.

Video transcript –
Divorce and separation can be a difficult time, emotionally and financially. But sometimes things can be made worse when you follow the advice of a friend or rely on the so called facts spread in the media.

Woolley & Co, family law experts, recently published a book to help dispel 101 of the most common myths about divorce and separation. We asked them to share just a handful of the most common myths with us.

Myth 1 — Quickie Divorce
Celebrities seem to be able to get a divorce much more quickly than everyone else — if you’ve can pay you can get a divorce in a matter of weeks

Lawyer 1 with the Facts (Judith)

Not so — the media spread this myth but in fact the length of time take to complete a divorce is around 6 months. By filing papers in person at the Court you can sometimes cut down a bit of time but there is a ‘cooling off’ period of 6 weeks and 1 day between decree nisi and decree absolute — so there’s really now ay you can do it as quickly as the media would have you believe.

I think sometimes what is meant by ‘quickie divorce’ is where both parties are in agreement and there’s no dispute over the grounds for divorce. Certainly if this is the case and financial arrangements can be agreed between the parties the divorce will proceed more quickly.

Lawyer 2 to add to the facts (Nick)

Whatever fact you rely on, a divorce takes approximately five to six months to complete. Couples can get a Decree Nisi agreed quickly, but everyone has to wait the same length of time — six weeks and one day — before the Decree Absolute can be applied for. Celebrities and newspapers like dealing in headlines rather than facts. No one can get a divorce any more quickly than anyone else. Often what the media are referring to is the additional cases to sort out finances and access to the children, which can be dealt with on an amicable and timely basis through agreement, rather than the costly process of going through court proceedings.

What about adultery — that must be the most common reason for divorce isn’t it?

Lawyer 1 answer generally: (Lisa)
– Unreasonable behaviour is actually more common — & why
– There are actually lost of myths around adultery — for example I’m not committing adultery as I formed the relationship after we separated

– In Fact – If you have a sexual relationship with a member of the opposite sex while you are still married, then it is adultery, even if so far as you are concerned your relationship with your spouse has come to an end or you have been physically separated for some time. As such, it can be reasonably cited in any divorce proceedings brought by your former spouse.

Lawyer 2 (Judith)
Yes, there’s a lot of misunderstanding — I get people approach me saying things like I’ve been having an affair for years so plan to get a divorce on the grounds of adultery.

They can’t actually do this. The person who is seeking the divorce, or petitioner, cannot rely on their own adultery to prove the marriage has broken down. The other party would need to seek the divorce, citing adultery. If you want a divorce you’d need to use one of the other grounds for divorce.

Any additional comments on adultery or grounds for divorce from the group

What about finances — I know things can get fraught when it comes to sorting out who keeps the house, what to do about any savings and investments and so on. Are there any common myths you come across in this arena?

Lawyer 1 (Nick)

There is a general misunderstanding about what getting a divorce actually includes. You can get divorced without finalising a financial settlement — not to be advised of course — but it does happen.

The divorce is only the ending of the contract of marriage. The divorce petition will include financial claims, but these are only theoretical claims. To pursue them, there must be a separate application to the court — it is not generated automatically. You can get divorced and do nothing about the financial issues. You would be well advised, however, to sort out the money at the same time so that you have certainty for the future. It is important to remember that the court will only need to become involved fully if the parties fail to reach an agreement.

Lawyer 2 (Lisa)
A lot of people come to us saying things like “I’ve always worked, paid the mortgage and provided everything. My wife has never worked and has just stayed at home with the children. She’ll need enough to live on, but surely I will be able to keep the rest.”

Google news kaydı ve adsense onaylatmak konusunda danışmanlık, Seo firmam 2017

Google news kaydı ve adsense onaylatmak konusunda danışmanlık, Seo firmam 2017

Google news kaydı ve adsense onaylatmak konusunda danışmanlık 2017

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iletişim ;