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Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland-Some Legal Remediies

Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland-Some Legal Remediies

Health and Safety Obligations for Irish Employers (Including Non Physical Injuries-Bullying and Stress)

An employer has a general common law duty of care to prevent bullying and stress in the workplace. The safety statement, as required by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, also requires that the employer carry out a risk assessment regarding bullying in the workplace.

Occupational stress

The HSA (Health Safety Authority) defines workplace stress as “when the demands of the job and the working environment on a person exceeds their capacity to meet them” and identifies a range of situations which can cause stress in the workplace including poor communication, poor working relationships, ill-defined work roles, and others.

Non physical injuries in the workplace

However there is a difficulty here for employers as there is no well accepted definition of stress as a non-physical injury and claims for non-physical injuries in the workplace tend to be decided on the basis of decisions in case law.

Cases like Kelly v Hennessy, McHugh v Minister for Defence, Curran v Cadbury ltd., McGrath v Trintech, and Maher v Jabil Global Services Limited [2005] IEHC are instructive in this regard.

Meet Richard England divorce & family solicitor Birmingham

Meet Richard England divorce & family solicitor Birmingham

Richard England is a divorce solicitor based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. In this video he explains his approach to family law and introduces himself to prospective clients. Richard offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation to anyone with divorce questions in the UK. Contact Richard

Video transcript:
Hello, I’m Richard England and I am a solicitor with family law specialist firm Woolley & Co. I have been in the legal profession for over 25 years now so I’ve pretty much seen everything. What do my clients say about me? They tell me that I’m pragmatic, that I give sensible and down to earth advice but importantly that I put them at ease. One of the things that I think is important is that as a Resolution Member, we encourage a non-confrontational approach to resolving issues that stem for divorce. So if you need some specialist family law advice, feel free to contact me for an initial half hour discussion for free.

Watch more videos from Richard here

“The G Case” Solicitor that represented the father in this family law case.

“The G Case”  Solicitor that represented the father in this family law case. The G case ruling where Supreme Court has upheld a ruling where a fathers former partner was found to have been wrong in taking their twin boys out of the Ireland without his consent.

The mother appealed this decision to the highest court in an attempt to overturn the ruling. The court declared that her actions were in breach of the rights of custody attributed to the District Court.

The now separated couple had been living together here with their two sons that are now 6.

The mother named “Ms O” had removed the twins from the jurisdiction and decided to move to her parents house in the UK.

The Father named “Mr G” went to Con Pendred from Pendred Solicitors in Dublin to lodge an application in the High Court. They found in favour of him, stating that the mother was wrong to have removed the two boys from the State without his consent or knowledge as he had initiated proceedings for guardianship and custody of the boys.

The mother then challenged this decision at the Supreme Court, but they found that her retention of the boys outside of the jurisdiction of Ireland was wrongful under the Hague Convention and breached the rights of custody to the children vested in the District Court.

Webinar with Anirudh Hariani on Bombay Solicitor’s Examination

Webinar with Anirudh Hariani on Bombay Solicitor’s Examination

Anirudh Hariani, Independent Counsel, Bombay High Court

Bombay Incorporated Law Society’s (BILS) Solicitor’s examination is a highly prestigious and tough examination with pass rate of only around 2-7%. Becoming a solicitor puts you in the prestigious league of lawyers, who are known to have passed one of toughest tests for lawyers in India.

Though the qualification became a title that offered no legal benefits over advocates but still offered career opportunities and increased pay.

However, solicitors continued to dominate Mumbai’s legal market outside of the courts and at many more traditional Mumbai firms the majority of partners are solicitors.

If you are one of those lawyers who is aiming to become a Bombay solicitor, this webinar is for you. Hear it from Anirudh, who stood 2nd in the examination in 2014.